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Originally Posted by Bill Pierce View Post
While I use an incident meter to prevent losing highlight detail with transparency film and digital sensors, there is a technique I also use that is available to digital shooters that can insure highlight detail and at the same time promote the generous exposures that benefit digital images. Itís simple. Itís the histogram that can be made available on many digital camerasí viewing screens. True, itís often a histogram for the jpeg image, not the raw image, but itís useful in allowing you to use the most generous exposure that does not block highlights. Just give the most generous exposure that doesnít push the brightest area of the histogram off scale. Is there anybody else that uses this technique?

Its called "Expose To The Right" and no, I don't use or recommend it.

First, most digital cameras histograms are not very accurate and are too small on the screen for them to ever be.

Second, you're overexposing the image and then having to pull the tones back down to where they should be in post-processing, which never looks perfectly natural.

There's no magic bullet or secret trick for exposure that works better than simply exposing correctly using an accurate meter.
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