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Originally Posted by seany65

I do. Most recently I used a Gossen Variosix F in an art gallery in Manchester when I was using delta 3200 at 6400 in a ricoh 500gx, and with a Praktica PLC3 for the same purpose with more of the same film.

Originally Posted by ptpdprinter View Post
That's a dim gallery.

In some parts it is, but I wanted to use /125 and /250 to minimise camera shake to see if that was the reason why the first film looked to be slightly out of focus in most shots. I suspect that the small rangefinder patch and using an old pair of spectacles as replacements for the "up-to-date" pair that had fallen to bits and were unrepairable didn't help.

The second film wasn't much better, but many of the exhibits were quite small on the print which may not have helped with any perceived focus issues.

I wanted to re-shoot with my praktica plc3 to see if the bigger "rangefinder" patch and the fact that it was bigger and heavier would help, but the sections I was interested in were closed, so I've lost the chance to do a proper comparison.
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