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Originally Posted by Archlich View Post
The very basic Canon and Nikon 18-55 kit lenses both have an aspherical element. Your phone's lens has several. In fact it's rarer for you to see a spherical design than aspherical today, since the later has become so cheap to manufacture.

So the term does not guarantee anything but (mostly) marketing. Which in fact is a Leica (of which the path is followed by CV) specialty. Most of the Japanese manufacturers didn't even bother with it and other terms like FLE (in Nikon's literature, CRC) anymore after the 1980s', during which these technologies became widespread. They've got more posh words to play with now.
That's not true at all. Fujifilm camera lenses have the word "Aspherical" stamped all over them and Canon and Nikon literature prominently highlight the presence of any aspherical elements in their lens designs.
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