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Originally Posted by markbakovic View Post
I'm talking about what, if anything, that marketing implies to you as a consumer.
The simplest implication is that the design is relatively new and that the lens has been designed with an aspherical surface to improve it in some way (I know that this might mean improve its marketability) so that its performance should be improved or there is another advantage gained (size, weight, production cost, etc.). Like any other 'designation' aspherical/aspheric/asph. is something which appeared as designs took advantage of such surfaces, mostly to differentiate them from older ones, but which has inevitably become something used to try to drive sales. It's interesting that Leica did not immediately use the designation on their more recent Summarit range, almost as though it is now becoming just another tool in their optical designer's options. Perhaps it's now moving away from being a new marketing tool and into the normality of lens design.
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