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Originally Posted by mabelsound View Post
But if I'm gonna get a camera styled like the Ts, I'll get the Sony and the full frame sensor! I'm still considering this.
I had a A7 then X-T1 then X-e2. Going back to get a A7ii now. I would get an X-e2 over an X-e3 just because of the price. Get an extra lens.

Unfortunately my reason for getting the A7ii next is because of adapting lenses and because looking back over lightroom I have a lot more 5 stars with the sony than anything else.

If you have a few quid then get a A7r/s/ii etc and good sony glass. If you want an ovf and fuji colours and x-t1/2, smaller fuji colours then x-e2. Luckily for you all your options are going to take great pictures so it's more a question of price and size.
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