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I bought a X100F, then switched to a X-E3, sold it and bought a X-Pro 2, then a X-T2. In the end I sold everything and stuck to another X-E3.

I didn't like the hybrid finders. If OVF is mandatory I'd just use a M. The X-T2 itself is very nice, the EVF is huge, but I didn't need the extra build quality - and the extra weight. Since the X-E3 has the same sensor, processor and AF capability as all other current X-trans cameras, it fits my need very well.

The EVF is not X-T class but better than the hybrid ones in the X100F and X-Pro 2. It's better built and focuses much faster than the X-E2. Surely you don't need the extra pixel count but the ISO performance, color science and dynamic range are improved as well - the RAW files are so much more malleable than the ones my M Typ 262 produces. And at the end of the day its 12 oz weight makes its portability, which I personally value more than anything else, unbeatble.

There are two things the Fujis in general lag behind the Sony cameras: although the Fuji interface is vastly superior to Sony's, the cameras don't batch save every user settings (U1, U2, U3, etc.) so you can't change everything with a click on the dial. You have to tweak many parameters yourself to change its general behavior. The other thing is IBIS - no matter what Fuji says about the mount size, the fact is it's been made a standard feature among every other mirrorless systems...and no matter what us Fuji users say, it can be really handy.
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