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X-E2 vs X-E3 (vs Sony)
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X-E2 vs X-E3 (vs Sony)

I've been out of digital photography for a while and was thinking of coming back and getting an A7ii and some SLR lenses. But every time I think to pull the trigger, I'm distracted by Fuji again. I was just ogling the X-E2, which is down to like $350 used (and there's even a new "international version" for that much on Amazon right now), and of course the X-E3. I really do prefer the styling of those cameras, which always remind me of the black Contax G2 I could never justify buying...

Is the X-E3 worth the upgrade? I don't need the extra pixels on the sensor, and my main reason for buying a newer camera of any brand would be the improved EVF...which does not appear to have been upgraded from the X-E2, as far as I can see. Any of you who has experience with both, can you comment?
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