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Originally Posted by seany65 View Post
Huss, I've just done a quick google of rollei a110 and they look quite 'pretty'. I can't see any way of controlling anything though?

The lens is pretty good, judging from those pics.

Prest_400, you're right a bout a seller wanting it, tomorrow I'll be taking the film to the 'Real Camera company' in Manchester who want to buy it. I may have made a tiny mistake in only asking for 1 per roll, but I suppose it's too late now.
No idea how much they'll be charging for it.
Exposure is automatic, focus is controlled with a sliding lever on the front of the body under the lens, and in the VF you will see a focus scale. It is a superbly made camera and at the time I think was the most expensive 110 made. And it feels like it!

1 pound per roll is ok as you are selling it to a reseller with overhead. If you sold it on ebay, you'd get 2-3 times that amount. Lomo currently makes excellent 110 film which sells for $18 for a 3 pack of fresh film. My examples were taken with that.
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