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Expired 110 film-kodacolor gold 200. Interested?
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Expired 110 film-kodacolor gold 200. Interested?

Hello all. I've just found a cardboard box full of Expired (1994) kodacolor gold 200 in 110 size. I had a quick count and there are about 14 sealed 5-packs of 24-shot films, with some singles and possibly doubles etc.

the box was at the back of a charity shop I volunteer in and I was busy so I couldn't get a full inventory.

Is anyone interested?

I'm not completely sure how to go about selling this on their behalf. Would it be best to get them to bung it on ebay and for me to post a link here?

Would it be best for people to send me any money via paypal? etc.

Also, what would be a reasonable price to charge (P+P inc)?
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