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Originally Posted by jsrockit View Post
Yes, I was interested in the iPhone 7 plus and thought maybe it could be a cell phone camera that I actually would use (I have the 6 plus). However, it seems that you always have to choose the camera app and then hit 2x to get to 56mm. I was hoping that I could just hit the app and be at 56mm permanently. Why does this extra button push matter? Because I will miss photos that I generally can make with my regular camera.
Yes the secondary (56mm) lens is only engaged if you choose the Portrait mode but in practice if its engaged, it typically stays in that mode until you change it back. For example if you picked Pano option and shot one, the next time you invoke the camera app it is in Pano mode. Presumably this will hold true until the app state memory is cleared or the phone is switched on/off.
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