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When I went to Vietnam for 2 weeks in January, the GR II was my primary camera, but I also brought an Olympus OM-1 with a 50mm and 85mm, in part for nostalgia reasons (it was the 40th anniversary of my last trip to southeast Asia, and I used an OM then.)

That said, I didn't use the 85mm as much as I thought I would. I used the GR more than 80% of the time. I do use the crop mode on it, more frequently the 35mm than the 47mm, but sometimes the latter; I had an R-D1 so 6mp doesn't scare me.

The GR is my favorite camera. I keep it in a pouch on my belt, and with snap mode can get ready to shoot quickly.

But I've always carried a back-up or second camera, even going back to film days. I would take a second camera of some sort. If something went wrong, I wouldn't want to have to scout out or pay for a second camera in Indonesia.

I did have a problem with my original GR early last year, where eventually the lens got stuck in an open position and wouldn't retract and the shutter wouldn't work. There was a discussion of this on DPReview and on Flickr (where I described my experience in the thread):
(Just re-read that thread, and I see someone got theirs fixed in Yogyakarta!)

i bought a used X100T, but missed the GR so much that I bought a used GR II here on RFF, and when it came time to decide which camera to take on my trip had no hesitation taking the Ricoh.
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