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Are you OK with lens corrections on Leica Q?
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Are you OK with lens corrections on Leica Q?

The following is just my opinion, which is bound to conflict with most of yours.

If I was spending $4250 on a Leica Q I would not tolerate after the fact distortion corrections. Even though initial reports show the lens to be pretty good, many still say there are some issues in the corners from digital corrections.

Now maybe I am being too much of a purist but if I were going to spend big money on a Leica, and with Leica's legendary reputation for optics, I would not go for something that a "half designed" lens, especially if that is the only lens you get to use with that high of a price tag.

Now I know some will say that this is the way things are now and many companies are doing it, but to me it just reeks of under-designing lenses to save money and still selling them for a lot.
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