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Originally Posted by pdh View Post
I find Godfrey's posting style highly personal, aggressive and antagonistic towards others, so much so that (not having realised he is a moderator) I tried to click "ignore".

I rarely contribute posts to RFF, simply because I see so many apparently innocuous questions being railroaded off topic, or because of the aggression and rudeness on display. It frankly amazes me when I see posters commenting on what a civil and helpful forum it is. My "ignore list" while not very long, is longer here than at any other forum.

FWIW, I think the forum could be more heavily moderated to address rudeness and aggression. But I also think moderators should be aware of the need for humility in positions of power.
I've never added anybody to my ignore list on this forum. Indeed I would say the forum is normally very civil - the only angst I've really seen is from people nitpicking whether so and so is polite enough, and in the past some heavy handed moderation that seemed to be influenced by personal opinion more than a need to keep discussion on track.

I do think though that a common problem with moderators (and especially new ones) is some feel the need to prove their worth by looking for something to moderate, even if it's not necessary. Which is another reason I believe the moderators should try to do as little as possible. If one gets in the mindset of trying to micromanage threads, slapping everybody who uses an impolite word, or thinking they're not being annoying by constantly threatening to close a thread if it goes off topic - that can wear out your welcome as a mod real quick. In fact more often than not it only upsets people and causes them to push back, ruining the thread by way of a sort of self fulfilling prophecy.

I think you want to be as hands off as possible. You're only there to save the day when you have to. Like a driving instructor, just because your side of the car has a steering wheel - doesn't mean you drive your student around the whole time - it's only there so you can swerve to miss the tree!