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Originally Posted by Brian Sweeney
Bill, I will be interested in seeing shots from the Komura Lens. F2.8! I will be getting shots from the Komura 200mm F4.5 back soon.
I took a chance on the lens on eBoy. The seller had purchased it from Adorama, under the impression that it was a LTM lens - but he could never figure out how the rangefinder tab engaged! I could not see anything sticking out the bottom of the lens in the photos, either.

I got the lens and my first thought was that it was a typical low-end 135mm with a T-mount - and I have a bunch of those - they're fun, but only worth about $10 on a good day.

But then I saw that there is a counter-rotating screw inside the 39mm LTM thread, and it had come disengaged and dropped down inside the lens. The small set-screws around the lens had all been heavily buggered, so I knew someone had been in there more than once, and badly.

I took it apart, figured out how to get the counter-rotating screw to re-engage, and did my best to set it at an appropriate distance for infinity and 5 feet. Seems to be more-or-less dead on according to 'real' distance and the lens barrel distance readout. I found a couple of set-screws from a dead Canon FL lens and put the thing back together.

The lens elements were pristine, that was a nice bonus. I took them apart and cleaned them up to be on the safe side, but they already looked pretty nice. The rim has a dent - takes 55mm filters but can't really screw them on. Haven't tried to de-dent it yet.

I will be using the lens this weekend, perhaps, if the weather is willing. Some color, I think - just to get rapid results and if I don't feel like mixing up more D76 and Fixer this weekend. I'll post something if I get anything worthwhile at all. At 135mm and f2.8, this should be a real bokeh machine, but of course if the focus is off, that kind of spoils it!

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