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Originally Posted by Brian Sweeney
That would be the "GO TO " guy, one of the last to still program in FORTRAN and Assembly language. (computer humor).

I try to give things my best dumb look. I earned my way through the 1st half of college (late 70's) working in a camera store and the second half of college programming computers in the optics lab. I am still programming computers (embedded controllers) in an optics lab. That makes me the "Mad Scientist". By the time I get home and pick up a camera, I do not want the lens to have been designed with the aid of a computer, let alone a computer be in the camera. Most of my cameras and lenses are from the time when computers were made primarily of glass vacuum tubes and had not yet replaced slide rules used in Ray Tracing calculations.

Yeah! And although I write perl script all day these days, the wristwatch I wear is a wind-up Elgin WWI-era with a sterling silver case and a porcelain hand-painted dial!

Gotta keep the technology in its place, ya know?

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