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Originally Posted by wjlapier View Post
I usually don't do this but I found Bellamy's communication lacking when I dealt with him on two occasions. I won't deal with him anymore. I did send in a non working Nikon 35Ti to have the lens converted to Leica M. The work was done and the lens eventually arrived back to me but the conversion wasn't the usual MS Optical quality I'd seen before. There were scratches and other flaws in the lens body.

FWIW, I had a MS Optical converted Contax G 28mm lens. Purchased it through Japan Exposures who used to sell converted lenses. Japan Exposure used to arrange the conversion for owners but they don't do it anymore. I know one other person who is in Japan who might be able to arrange the conversions. I'll contact them and see what they say.
In the USA: DAG did the conversion for my 16mm/8 Hologon to M mount.
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