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Originally Posted by semi-ambivalent View Post
The retail price will not go up 25% because Leica will lower the wholesale cost to offset some of the increase. In the 1980s the Mark soared against the US Dollar but the price of a Mercedes in the U.S. barely budged. MB was able to just eat a lot of the cost increase because their markup was so high to begin with.
Agreed. I guess they must have higher markups now in many US states compared to Europe because they price differences don't reflect the differences in sales tax, I think (too lazy to verify, but that seems to be the case for many products).

Originally Posted by semi-ambivalent View Post
This is how it works out when you've given away your country's production to other countries; America's biggest export product is now our consumption.
Imports is an export? Are you sure? I get what you mean. There is demand for demand.
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