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Thank you for your comments I am hardly a collector - I just kept buying and never sold one.
Most of my Rollei 35s were bought as part/repair, then repaired by myself, to keep the cost down. The two-dial design on the front suits me pretty well, that is part of the reason for that I never got a C35 or B35. But will keep an eye on them.
Most of my Rollei 35S's focus needed adjustment, while the Tessar is generally fine. I wish the Tessar could be a little faster, since at F3.5 there is Yashica T5 right next to it, with all elements multi-coated.
As for Classics, I don't even like the look, not to mention they are very expensive. I like the simplicity of the 35/35S.

Originally Posted by Smaug View Post
Very nice collection!


It is almost a crime to have so many Rollei 35s and not one B 35 or C 35 among them. Yes, technically speaking, they're not quite as good as the 35 and 35 S, but the Triotar lens has character and is quite contrasty. They feel better in the hand, due to not having dials on the front of the body. Aperture in particular is easier to set; there's no lock, just click stops.

Not only that, but you have enough cameras I can tell you're a collector, not just a shooter. You probably could get a nice C35 for one of the 35 S', as the C 35s were a lot more rare. Then another S for a perfect B 35.

No Rollei 35 Classics, but that's not as much of a shame, as that's when Rollei was under new ownership and were just trying to cash out. (though they are good cameras)
Rollei 35S
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