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I'm a dedicated film nut but...I agree with Godfrey. Not that I go to concerts, maybe an occasional one at a fair or such. But that I just obtained a ILC digital that I can get along with. A EM10.
From my perspective, a digital dummy, it is a wonder!
I can change ISO at will?! It has IBIS?! It will take all my film Pen lenses?!
It's very compact and light weight!
And, in digital years, it is practically a dinosaur, came out way-way back in 2014 yet still amazing to me.
I still love and use film. Perhaps mainly because that is what the cameras I like takes. Also use photo paper in 4x5 at ISO 6, that'll slow you down.

Thing is, using film is not a slam (or even a comment) against digital or those who only use digital. After all, digital is just the current technology.
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