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Just a query on how to use the crop mode.

I understand that both cameras (the Q and the Q2) keep the DNG file intact but crop the associated JPG file in camera. Here is my question.... Does this mean you already must have the camera set to save in both JPG and DNG formats BEFORE you try to set crop mode? Or does the camera automatically turn the duel save mode on when crop mode is activated in the menu or when the relevant button is pushed?

The thing is I never see a need to shoot in both JPG and DNG mode for normal shooting and given the size of the files would prefer not to do so in the interests of saving time when transferring files and also saving space on disk. I always post process so I am a DNG or RAW kind of guy.

If the camera requires you to activate dual file saving before activating crop mode that makes this feature of the camera substantially less useful for me as it means I cannot just make a spur of the moment decision to crop an image when I am shooting. I have to plan ahead. This kind of makes it like using an M where I would need to change a lens if I want to "crop" an image. And hence would make this feature a little bit redundant - no matter how much they hype it. Having said this, this is not a deal breaker for me since as I said I always post process and am happy to crop in post.

I have just got my Q so have not had the chance to experiment.
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