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The more I look at this, and my own collection of lenses, the Novoflex LEM/NIK-NT adapter seems to make a lot of sense for Nikon lenses, especially as it looks to support all of my lenses, including the G lenses. I have a very eclectic collection of Nikkor lenses, and some of them deserve the Novoflex quality. Though realistically, I have to ask myself, does it make sense to use the M10-P with these, when I can just put them on my D800.

I'm honestly unsure on the Visoflex. I need to figure this out. The Novoflex LEM/VIS-III seems to make sense, the more I look at it. It would definitely increase the flexibility of my setup.

As for the rest, I mostly want to be able to play with some 50mm lenses on a digital body. I have very few other lenses that I'd even consider putting on the M10 via an adapter. Though I have a couple longer ones that might be interesting to try. For these, something like Fotodiox seems to make sense.

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