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Originally Posted by Huss View Post
It actually uses the DL223A/CRP2 battery.
Which still isnt cheap.

But here's a question. Looking at that battery, it seems to just be two CR123 batteries packaged in a plastic case. Is it possible to replace the CRP2 with two CR123s? The advantage is that CR123s are available as rechargeable.
I stand corrected, those two batteries look almost the same, thank you. You will be able to fit cr123 into battery compartment, but they will be loose in there and you will also need to conect - to + terminal at one end to create 6volts.

Nikon L35Af can shoot up to 5-7 rolls on one pair of cheap AA batteries. Olympus XA uses SR44, and they will last forever, especially lithium or silver oxide type (not LR44)
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