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Originally Posted by Bob Michaels View Post

I have been comparing advertising photos of various fast food sandwiches here in the US with what we actually get served ever since my sort of wife commented about our huge sandwiches. I had to ask why she thought so since being Cuban thus not allowed to enter the US she had never eaten one. Her idea came from the commercials she sees on bootleg TV down there. I am still waiting to be served a sub at Subway like the one above from their ad.
Bob, in your attached photo, I'm guessing that, all the ingredients were placed so that the photo would depict the contents? Eating a sandwich that was made that way would be difficult. It looks like the inner stuff would fall out. If the sandwich was photographed as delivered to a customer, the viewer would have little idea as to the contents?

I do eat Subway stuff. Never did any work for them (I'm not a food photographer). The quality varies a bit from franchise to franchise but, I've never had a bad experience. Everything was always fresh. The variances were do to employee behavior.. The person making the sandwich.
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