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Contax I ribbons
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Contax I ribbons

(I have put this post in this section and not repairs etc because it follows on from others)

OK, so using Erik's excellent instructions I have arrived at the following point without incident or loss. You'll notice that I put screws back in their holes so that I know where they should go on re-assembly.

IMG_2790 by dralowid, on Flickr

I don't know if these are original ribbons but the rest of the camera's insides look as if they have suffered from the attentions of others. The camera was working before the ribbon broke.

IMG_2792 by dralowid, on Flickr

To be honest I have read so many different threads on ribbons that I have become quite confused.

Ribbon I can order easily enough from Akai Ashi (apols if incorrect spelling).
According to my micrometer the old is +/- 3mm wide and .2mm thick. Will check their website

Then it becomes a question of approach. Do I remove the rollers etc which I would assume would make stitching easier or will this cause trouble later. Somewhere I have seen a picture of a simple jig for holding the whole thing in place while stitching. If it is necessary to remove the rollers how is it done?

If I keep the rollers in place I assume I need to record the tension and then cut the last remaining ribbon?

I'd like to take this one step at a time and I am in no rush. So long as I do not make the camera unrepairable by someone else (who?!) there is nothing to be lost.

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