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Originally Posted by Nikos72 View Post
Have you ever tried a wide lens missfocused in medium format? Do you believe that just because its lens is wider it will work the same way as wide lenses in 35mm?
DOF is a function only of the focal lenght (and the distance to the object), so it has nothing to do with the film/sensor format.

Originally Posted by Nikos72 View Post
Well, I have the 35mm f/3.5 Sekor on my Mamiya 645 and it is not hard to focus as you say. When I do focus incorrectly in close ranges it is quite obvious even at f/8.
Still nothing to do with the film format.
We usually use longer focals (e.g. 50 mm vs. 80 mm standard lens) on MF than on 135, possible its therefore you think DOF is shallower on MF.

Originally Posted by Nikos72 View Post
The point is that there are quite many of a way higher quality than that of the LC-A 120.
Completly agree.
I know no product sold by Lomo that you could not get elsewhere cheaper, in better quality and even handier (I mention this one so nobody comes with the argument of simplicity) or if you are for the crap effect that too can be had cheaper.

What I think is dangerous is that more and more companies arise in the photographic market following the same recipy of selling heavily advertised crap for high prices.
Would FP3000B still be produced if people have bought it instead of the impossible films at double the price and a quarter of the quality?
I'm tired of reading how these new offers save film. I think they push quality products out of the market and in the end we will remain with crap worse than what Niepce cooked in his kitchen.

Originally Posted by Nikos72 View Post
I am amazed of how much some are willing to pay for something of low quality just because of being super wide. It could be of course that I am wrong and $500 are too much for this just for me.
Get a box camera and any optician will mount you an eyeglass lens of the focal you desire.
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