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Originally Posted by analogpics View Post
Wow thanks for all the great suggestions guys! So just a bit more background, i have been toting my tiny ricoh gr ii basically everyday for the past several weeks...but to be honest i'm not much of a 28mm sweet spot is 35-50 and for portraits 50 is my go to. I did previously own an older x100 series camera which was amazing (still considering an x100f despite already having an xe3), though i won't necessarily get the shallow DOF i'm looking for.
I currently do have a leica m9 with the collapsible 50mm summicron which is what i was contemplating toting instead....though it is a bit on the heavier side. I previously also had a sony a6000 with the 35mm lens but for whatever reason, i can't get the "look" i want from sony sensors no matter how much i tweak them (have the a7riii currently).
Also considered a canon m50 with the 32mm 1.4...i actually have better luck with canon raw files over fuji, though i do prefer fuji for bw.
Forgot to add, i have contemplated the leica CL! I always love the files i get from my m9 and testing out the m10.
I have also looked at the adorable pentax Q for its diminutive size though because of the smaller sensor, don't know if i'd be able to get very shallow DOF...but if i find one cheap enough, i may still snag it just for fun
Panasonic GM1 was another one i looked into, i haven't tried any m43 bodies yet, but i know they do make some really super fast lenses for them so it's another option...
For best control of depth of field on FourThirds format, you need the very fast lenses. The Voigtländer f/0.95 series is great for this, but they are all manual focus, if that matters to you, and are somewhat bulky. I shot with FourThirds (first the SLRs, then the micro EVF cameras) for years and got many many excellent photographs with them. Still have a couple of bodies and lenses...

However, I've come to really like APS-C and FF formats more ... more DoF control with slower lenses. The Leica CL sensor is outstanding: only about 1 stop shy of the FF Leica SL/M10 sensors in terms of noise, very malleable and easy to process raw files, etc, and with APS-C you can get good focus zone control even with a small/light 28mm f/2.8 lens. The Leitz Summicron-C 40mm f/2 from the original film Leica CL camera would be another outstanding choice on this camera for your stated interests, and it's a teensy little lens (also fairly inexpensive).

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