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Originally Posted by David Hughes View Post
Trouble is that those who don't know; don't understand and don't care usually end up as politicians...

Regards, David
Funny. But I guess you haven't met many politicians. I have known my state senator and one of my state reps for almost two decades, and it is hard to imagine two more intelligent, earnest, hardworking people. Doesn't mean they are all that way, of course.

The OP's question asks why so many people in category A are also members of category B. I am not convinced, as in my counterexample above, that the OP has identified an actual correlation, but let's say he has. The two categories have nothing to do with one another. A photograph represents an instant in time; a video shows a sequence of events over time. It is like asking why photographers don't make good ballet dancers. The OP's question also assumes that a great artist knows what makes him/her great and can explain him or herself. This is also a dubious proposition.
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