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Originally Posted by ChrisPlatt View Post
New E100 colors seem very natural IMO. I'd like just a touch more saturation though.
In the old days like others I would underexpose my slide film just a bit to achieve that.

However with this new film perhaps slight overexposure is required?
lynnb's photos at +2/3 EV seem right on. Or is it the scanning? I'm confused.

Perhaps this film's true speed is a little lower than 100.
Has anyone else tried shooting it at EI 80 or 64?

I agree with your comment about natural color, and Ektachrome does seem to have a bit less saturation as compared to the Fuji products. For these scans I've left the saturation alone, but whenever I scan Fuji slides I end up reducing the saturation, for what it's worth. It's best to try for yourself to see if you like it.

These were exposed at iso80 in overcast conditions and I used an 81A filter. Then I scanned them which changes everything of course. :-)


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