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Originally Posted by jawarden View Post
What Ektachrome offers over Ektar is fun. I have no intention of projecting slides and I like them anyway. Hold them up to the sky. Magic. Put 'em on a light table and enjoy. Scan and share or scan and print if you like. I make my medium format slides into bookmarks for friends and they love them. As long as E6 is around I'll happily shoot it.

E6 is just cool, full stop. Worth the price. Same goes for C41, B&W, IR, etc. It's all good, and all different.
Years ago, I shot a lot of E6 (Astia 100F in 6 x 7 format) and agree seeing them held up to the light is neat. But hardly worth the price, at least to me.

E6 film is much harder to scan properly which sucks a lot of the fun out it for me. I can scan 2-3 rolls of C41 for each roll of E6.
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