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Originally Posted by lynnb View Post
Thanks Dave, yes the reds really pop don't they. Strange as it may sound, the beach is the only place I can easily get to nowadays.. for a respite coffee with my wife followed sometimes by a brief walk with camera, only a few minutes from home. I count myself lucky!

The E100 is very nice, but Ektar 100 is cheaper and, I think, finer grained - with colour that's just as pleasing. Maybe I'll have a different opinion if I mount the E100 and project it.
Agreed. If you are not projecting, E100 offers very little over Ektar. I see nothing in the photos in this thread that attract me to this film, because I don't project. Ektar will be far less expensive, offer way more dynamic range, and is much easier to process.

There's a reason why slide film has been on a slow death spiral for many years and why labs have been disappearing. That is because few people project slides. That is the main reason to shoot E6 film and why hardly anyone does today.
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