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Originally Posted by charjohncarter View Post
I finished scanning my first roll of Ektachrome 100 (new). I used a Pentax P3n with a center-weighted meter, ISO was 100, processed by Blue Moon Camera and Machine.

My P3n has proven to be a good meter, so my slides should have been right on, but the all seemed to be 1/2 stop underexposed. It is also troubling with even a slight under exposure whites are easily blow. In a well exposed scene any shadow area drops off quickly. I like the color rendition, but I'm going to have to be careful with scene choice.

These were taken either at 34 degrees latitude or 45 degrees latitude the last two weeks of October 2018.
Lovely blues!!!

Thank you for those images, John, there is a lot to learn from those. I am happy to see the sky color and overall well-balanced colors without over-saturation.

My last roll of Velvia turned out pretty nice but even with a bit of work in OS and LR, I think the results from the new E100 would have been preferable, and I say that even though I use high saturation a lot of the time, depending of course on the subject.

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