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Originally Posted by bhop73 View Post
I'm having a hard time scanning my second roll. They look good when I look at them with a loupe, but when I preview the scans, they are pretty dark. I have to pump up the levels a lot to get it close to the actual brightness. (epson v700) I don't have much issue with negative film. Kind of a bummer..
The reason is that transparency film has a greater density range than negative film. What that means is that the darkest parts of a slide are a lot darker (less light passes through) than the darkest areas of a negative. Negatives are much lower in contrast than slides.

Inexpensive scanners, like the Epson flatbeds, have trouble scanning high density range images. That's why scans from negatives look good but scans from transparencies have poor shadow detail.

True film scanners like the Nikon 8000ED that I use handle transparencies far better than flatbeds, but even they have trouble with some images.
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