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Originally Posted by thomasw_ View Post
Hehe One of the funniest posts of 2009 so far! The irony is that your post will have the opposite effect on the SA lust Thanks for the chuckle, Mike. BTW, I am loving my sample so far, thanks Chris. Hey Gabor, do you use your E48 filter with the authentic SA hood? Regards, Thomas
Thomas, I have filters (UVa) and hoods on all of my lenses all the time. So the SA has its E48 also mounted all the time.

Tom, small correction: You can actually use the SA with the M6, only internal meter doesn't work. The SA also mounts perfect on the Hexar RF (I have tested this)

I think the missing meter option with the SA is not a big problem in practical use, though. Super-wides tend to pick up to much light from the sky when using TTL metering, so an external meter does a better job in this case. (At least from my experience ...)


- Gabor

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