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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
If technology 'gets in the way' then that's the user's problem and not the device's. Nick is correct in my opinion ... it's the mindset that's at fault!

I'm all for simplicity but I can take as good a pic with my D4 as I can with my M240 ... either camera pleases me.
I've been supporting my family using all kinds of equipment over the years and always exceeded my clients expectations. I can shoot and have shot with everything from an 8X10 Deardorff to auto everything DSLRs, point and shoots and iPhones. It gets down to preference and what works more naturally with the way I see. I prefer what I am now using over all the other digital options.

Others may like auto everything and for them there are a lot of options. I don't like those options and it is good to have a real choice. The M 240 has to much stuff for my liking, thats why I bought the M 262 instead. Love how simple they left the M 10. They are tools to me and these are the tools I prefer period.
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