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Originally Posted by B-9 View Post
Great stuff Cal,

I fear going through the trouble and then seeing it sit unused.

Although, I have found I really enjoy the process.

Might be a bigger investment than we want to bite into.

Plenty of cheap free printers that come available. 7800 you say...

Data mine the Piezography site. The report that they find 3880's dropped off at there doorsteps and they just load with Piezoflush and wait. Eventually the clogs yield. "Time is your friend."

The Chinese also have another expression: "Time is the best weapon."

My research reveals that the most durable printers ever made by Epson are the 7800, 7880, 9800, and 9880's. Also these printers are deemed user servicable for clever guys like you and me. I downloaded the 600 page service manual off the web for free.

Currently I have to change the now 12-14 year old dampers. The service menue tells me I have 4 and 5 stars out of five life left in all the other major assemblies.

Also know that Epson made many of these for a long-long time.

Pretty much like buying an old pickup truck that has no pollution controls.

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