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Epson 7900 clog/cleaning/mods
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Epson 7900 clog/cleaning/mods

I’m heading to pick up a Epson 7900 printer for free this weekend.

Owner says it’s clogged, has tried to flush in printer, has not taken head out to soak or anything like that.

New print heads are a stupendous 1200$
Cleaning solution is 25$
New ink set 200-250$

A friend and I want to attempt to clean this thing up or convert it to black and white only. His ambition is simple party banners he uses a company machine for now but would be convenient it if was around the neighborhood instead.

Me... well I just want to mess with this huge printer!

Any suggestions, tips, or mods we should consider!?

It’s free except for the gas to get it. We don’t mind trying risky solutions!

Or just say we are crazy!
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