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Originally Posted by Photon42 View Post
Fair enough. And I also know at least one Photographer in person using Olympus m43 cameras for weddings. If one uses the EM1 with grip anyway, which I am sure PJs and wedding photographers would probably do, the size isn't really that different at all.

Seems it could has its use if it can do really fast AF, specifically for Sports. I am just not sure it up there with the A9. That would be a really useful difference to the last gen m43 cameras from Olympus.

I am not doing either Sports or PJ, so my old EM1.1 is still fine.
Well i don't do much in the way of sports but my 2 or 3 generations old cameras seem to do just fine for PJ work. I really like the Sony cameras on paper. Sadly I have had nothing but trouble with any of the Sony's I have tried. Which is too bad as the RX100 series would suit me fine. Pack my whole kit in my pants.pocket? Yes please!
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