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Originally Posted by Argentia1 View Post
I've been a BW photographer with my own lab for decades. I've used dozens of different films and developers during that time.
I've never had such a problematic film like this P30.
- the ASA 80 FF claims are totally wrong
- it is impossible to get both sufficient shadow and highlight detail at the same time with this film
- you either have to sacrifice shadow and middle tone detail, or you have to sacrifice highlight detail
- concerning sharpness and fineness of grain P30 is not better than PanF+, Delta 100, TMX, HR-50 or Acros
- in comparison to other films P30 has no advantage, only disadvantages
I've been watching this thread having given up on P30 after coming to these very same conclusions. I too have spent many decades shooting many films (and testing via densitometer), I found P30 to be too contrasty, and nearly impossible to process for darkroom printing. My best attempts required grade 1/2 to 0 and still had marginal tonality. I didn't go for a water bath development, which was going to be my next step to try and tame the contrast in this stuff. I'm glad to see some folks getting fair or better results with this, but it seems nearly every shot contains blown highlights and empty shadows. I would love to see FF succeed, but this is absolutely not a film I have any interest in continuing to battle.
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