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Originally Posted by Larry Cloetta View Post
And yet, some manage to make beautiful photographs with P30.
I've looked at almost all P30 pictures published so far (e.g. on the Film Ferrania facebook and instagram pages).
The better or acceptable pictures (from a technical point of view) were those where the object contrast was relatively low. That helps a lot when you have a film with the sensitometric problems I've described.
In higher contrast scenes either the shadows were empty with little or no detail, or the highlights were burnt with no detail.

You cannot fool physics: If you measure a film with a densitometer and make the characteristic curve you have all the relevant data and know how a film is working.
You know how the real effective speed / ISO sensivity is.
You know how contrast, tonality, shadow and highlight details are.

I've also discussed my test results with other photographers who have tested P30. And they have got the same results.
I hope FF can improve the film. I appreciate their hard work and fights for the revival of the FF factory on a smaller scale.
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