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Sorry to hear about your eye injury. That's nasty, I'm glad you at least have functional vision back.

I can't help with what AF camera to look at; I'm not a big AF user myself. That should be relatively easy: there are a lot of good AF cameras on the marker today.

On the other hand, I generally keep both eyes open when I'm using my cameras. I find I see better and can focus more accurately that way. That's how I've worked for most of my life. If you wanted to try learning that trick, it might be that you don't need to change anything at all. It might or might not work for you, ultimately, but what you tell the brain to do and practice at ... It can be amazing what your brain can do if you push it.

Good luck however you go with this. Overcoming an incapacity, you just do whatever works until it's done. Stick with it!


Originally Posted by kshapero View Post
Last November I had a home repair accident where a steel rod hit me in my left eye. My eyesight is back to normal but the muscle in my eye lid was weakened to a point where I can not close my left eye without closing both eyes at the same time. the result of this situation is that when I look into the Viewfinder (I am right eyed), I can not close my left eye on its own. Consequently I get double vision, which make it near impossible to know if the rangefinder split image is lined up. The proof of the pudding is my latest developments pretty much all suck. (Only a few shots with my short tele (90mm) came in focus).

So now I am on the hunt for camera that is auto focus. Guess I'll need new lenses, too. Want to stay with an Optical View Finder also. Bye Bye Nikon and Leica M manual focus lenses and their sweet bodies. Oh yes the doc says this condition usually does not get better. Life goes on.
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