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Originally Posted by michaelwj View Post
............... In fact they donít even mention film in their financial documents. I doubt theyíve made any for ages, and are just increasing the price as it runs out. Based on all that, theyíre not a viable solution for traditional film.
It would seem to me that itís a personal decision whether or not Fuji is a viable solution for film, a decision which should be based upon whether we prefer a Fuji film stock to any of the alternatives or not. And not a decision based on raw emotion (vide ď**** Fuji!Ē If I prefer a Fuji emulsion to any available alternative, itís the only viable solution for me.

I loved ACROS, and bought all I could afford and froze it. But, there are a couple of other available, quite different, emulsions I enjoy using as well, so I wonít quit shooting B&W when all my ACROS is gone. On the other hand, there is no digital sensor equivalent, nor is there a film emulation equivalent for either Velvia or Provia (imo, not going to argue about it here). Nor have I been that thrilled with my results from the new Ektachrome so far. So, if I want the ďlookĒ of Velvia or Provia, itís Ektachrome and digital color which are not ďviableĒ. (I am not saying I donít think digital color renditions can be excellent, only saying that, if you like Fuji reversal films, they are the only game in town, as even the Fuji digital emulations of same donít come very close at all. At this point, anyway.)

As much as I love Fuji transparency films as a tool, Iíve got a price point at which I will probably give up transparency film and default mostly to digital color, with a smattering of Ektar and 400H here and there, about both of which Iím ambivalent as digital emulations of these two are pretty close.

A 30% price hike is a toll I am unlikely to pay, love or no love. Thereís a limit, and thatís likely it, for me.
So, I just bought as much Velvia and Provia as I could afford, which in 4x5 wasnít that much, and will fill the freezer. When itís gone, itís gone. sic transit gloria mundi. Far from any desire on my part to ď**** Fuji!Ē, I thank them for giving me the opportunity to use this film, while it lasted
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