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Originally Posted by willie_901 View Post
What's all this talk about low demand?

Don't people regularly post about non-Instax analog photography growing at exponential rates?
Exponential? I don't know who's saying that. All I've read from manufacturers and fans alike are modest gains after hitting the painful bottom. In Kodak's case the lifeline of new interest is sufficient to reintroduce discontinued products and invest in quality marketing, but not enough for similar news from Fuji, who could be forgiven for wishing to focus on other areas of their business.

When people talk about low demand they're almost always looking to the past for a comparison rather than looking to the future. The correction that happened with digital cams and phones is still happening and the market has no choice but to right-size. Small players like Ferrania might be well suited to the future of film because their cost to produce film is matched to a smaller facility and smaller workforce that produces less product. (Perhaps the right amount of product, but I don't know.)

Fuji and Kodak have a more complex puzzle to solve due to existing facilities and a workforce designed to produce far more volume than is likely to be needed in the future. (Just my opinion.) That can work for a while but when those facilities need upkeep it can be an expensive dealbreaker. I'm hoping the challenges can be met by Fuji and Kodak because it would be a shame to lose all that history and talent those companies hold.

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