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Great photos! I hope you will keep cranking them out and put them in this thread!

Originally Posted by Nikos72 View Post
I love that Elmar too. I don't have nothing against it, but the trouble having changing the aperture when the focus is not locked. Here are a few of these:

A Super Mini

Of old doors gracefully rotten again.

Back seat views...

Kinda lost

Of awkward models...

What framelines do I get on an M4-P? If it is the 50mm ones is it going to be hard framing things accurately?

It looks nice. I have seen it at prices over 1k on ebay. I can also see some at 600-700. Is this a fair price, or indicative of major flaws (damage, etc)?
That photo looks wonderful. I might go for an Elmar-M if found at a price close to 600.
Happy Shooting!

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