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Originally Posted by Godfrey View Post
Actually, I have one of those too (it was a department gift at the end of 2015—everyone was given one) and I later bought a 9.7" for myself because the 12.9" was such a good machine.

The difference in performance and even screen quality between the two iPad Pro models is small: you have to look for it to see it. They both run all my image processing apps very well. My 12.9 has 128G storage where the 9.7 has 256G storage, which helps.

I bought the 9.7 because the 12.9 was so useful but it seemed a bit large. If you're looking at an iPad Pro as a 13" laptop replacement and you're carrying equipment is setup for laptops, the 12.9 does extremely well as it's thinner than a MacBook Air and the screen is even better. The 9.7 form factor fits more of my camera bags well, however; I tend to use small bags like the Billingham Alice L2 or Tenba DNA 8 most of the time.

(I've kept the iPad mini 3 around as well because that fits in even smaller bags and is even lighter/thinner/smaller.)

The iPad Pro has become my "standard" computer in the past year. I tend to use the 9.7 and 12.9 more than my Mac systems because the iPads are so portable and run so long on a battery charge.

Thanks very much for this Godfrey: I think the iPad Pro will be my next purchase, and it will be down to haptics which size I go for: a hands-on in the Apple Store should give me the answer (though I expect the smaller machine will win out).

I sensed that Apple's revised pricing structure was giving me one of those sharp-elbowed nudges they administer to us faithful followers from time to time, and in this case the shunt was away from the MacBooks in the direction of the iPad Pro's for photo edits on the move.

Now what I need is for Adobe to allow metadata edits (esp keywords, captions, etc) in LR Mobile, and the iPad will finally become the really cool travelling indispensable I always wanted it to be!

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