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Originally Posted by Ambro51 View Post
An interesting lens to consider is the Taylor Taylor Hobson T 2 (f2) 2” Amotal. This lens was made for the Bell and Howell Foton about 1948 but many remained unused after production of the Foton, and were converted to LTM mount. It’s a 6 element Coated lens built to Cine quality. To see How the images look from this lens check Mike Eckman’s review of my Foton. You’ll be highly impressed what the TTH Amotal does.
I had one and they are fantastic but also rare and expensive. I guess compared to a Summicron DR, not too bad, but if you can find one under $1,000 you are doing good. They have aluminum mounts, no click detents on the iris, and basically feel like junk. The Amotal is an exotic that may not perform as well as a lens costing 1/4 of it's price, like a Canon 50/1.8.
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