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Originally Posted by retinax View Post
I can imagine these look lovely in person. How black are the blacks?
They look as black as any very matte silver B&W paper, but not as black as Pt/Pd prints. The middle two negs suit the paper contrast better, and I used a home made developer with a lot of kick. I can send the formula for that too.

Originally Posted by retinax View Post
I'm sure I will need more advice, but it'll be a while until I actually try this.
Regarding the hardener, can alum not be applied earlier than as usual in the fix?
You don't put alum in the fix. You add alum solution to the melted emulsion just before you coat the paper. It helps with adhesion, but not as much as formalin hardener. My notes indicate that with paper you don't need much hardener, and that better density and predictability came from coating the paper with unsensitised gelatine first (this is called 'subbing' the paper) thoroughly drying it then coating it in the darkroom. You also need to make sure that the paper is really dry after you coat with the liquid emulsion.

I also coated canvas, glass, rocks including slices of marble, eggshells and other surfaces. These impermeable surfaces really need hardened emulsion. Without both subbing the surface and using a hardened emulsion, the image just breaks up and floats off hard substrates.

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