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Originally Posted by Freakscene View Post
I have used heaps of liquid emulsion. I used almost every brand and made some myself. I liked the Fotospeed brand best, I think it was sold in the US as Luminos. Without the baryta coating the emulsion soaks into the paper surface and the final image looks like the paper surface. Even with enough hardened gelatin to seal the paper, which also decreases how much emulsion you need, the image retains the look of the paper surface.

The porosity of the paper and the chemical inaccessibility of the soaked in emulsion mean you need to be careful to fix and wash thoroughly, or the image degrades, sometimes very quickly.

I donít have any scans now, but Iíll try to find some.


All great to know, thanks! I think I will order some at some point and cost makes Foma the first choice, unless there are objections.
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