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I think the problem is that we are talking about lenses that are all secondhand and of varying ages and histories. F'instance a FED 10 could be nearly 85 years old and who knows what has happened to it in those years? Add in the problems caused by the cold war and the lenses come out of it well.

I don't know about the rest of you but I wouldn't expect a 10 year old car to be perfect and so on with anything else secondhand. I have even been quoted well over UKP 200 for a Leica lens to be sorted out...

No one has mentioned the Industar-61 (L/D) which I like and use from time to time on the M9, they are f/2.8 and that makes them a bit cheaper and so a bargain for what you get. I'm assuming bargains are being sought from the mention of the J-8 in the opening post. Here's a sample full frame and then a crop using the M9 and the Industar-61:-

If you want Leitz glass and to match a IIIa, then the bargain is the Summitar; they come coated and uncoated depending on their age and were fitted new to IIIa's from the late 30's.

Regards, David
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