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Originally Posted by IIIg View Post
I've run comparison tests with eight different I-22's and three different Elmars (all coated) shooting newspaper targets at one meter. The camera, a IIc, was on a tripod and the lenses were all at f3.5.

The I-22's were OK performers but none of the FSU lenses was a sharp as any of the Elmars. I agree that the mechanical construction of the FSU lenses was equal to that of the Elmars.

If you choose to go with a FSU collapsible, best to close it down a couple of stops.
With FSU lenses you have to pick the best of the litter.

I got plenty of J-8 and Kiev J8m and I-22 lenses and some J-3 lenses, most came on the camera bodies.

Some are fantastic, most are average and a few are plain dogs.

I got J-8 lenses from Zorki 4 cameras that are the equal of any f2 Zeiss Sonnar, one beat up J8 old style in Kiev mount that is so good it is almost unbelievable

The dog J-8 lenses are just too soft and simply just unuseable.

I had better luck with the I-22 lenses, some are as good as an Elmar... the I-10 lenses are junk in what I experienced and the J-3 lenses are all different, some even better than my Zeiss Opton 50mm f1.5 Sonnar.....but the last made J-3 lenses in black finish are too soft at full bore and cannot be adjusted properly to work on the Leica standard.. unlike the older aluminium finish J-3 lenses.
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