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Question about the Q2
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Question about the Q2


I've been comparing the Q2 (ideal) and the Ricoh GR III (more likely) and I think in most situations the GR3 will be fine for me. I'd love a viewfinder but the Q2 is naturally much more expensive.

Where I do think the Q2, from what I've seen, seems to really shine is wide open with that f1.7 lens.

There's something about some images I've seen like that that seems really intriguing. I feel like if I got a Q2 I'd put it wide open most the time.

Can anyone with the camera let me know your experiences wide open. Do you feel, from your shots, that there's magic here?

The GR3, with it's APS-C sensor and f2.8 lens is going to be, what, f4 equivalent for the Q2?

I think the GR3 is a wicked camera but I'm really considering the Q2 for it's general advantages (viewfinder, resolution etc) but mostly for that wide open lens.

Can anyone speak to that please, thanks!
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